Qualitative Forschung kurz vor dem Einzug in die APA – Unterstützung gesucht

Ein Aufruf zur Unterstützung der Institutionalisierung qualitativer Forschung innerhalb der APA. Versprochen wird außerdem, dass Sie so die Zukunft verändern können.


Requesting your support for qualitative research in American psychology?

At this historical moment, qualitative research has the opportunity to become a section of what will be a newly named Division 5 of APA. In order to acquire this status, 400 members of APA must join Division 5. Two hundred have now joined. WE NEED TWO HUNDRED MORE!

Those who join will vote on the new bylaws and new name of the Division. They will also become charter members of the Society for Qualitative Inquiry in Psychology. The crucial, first year of division membership COSTS NOTHING.

It only takes two minutes to join. After the first year, you can exit with no charge if you wish. But you will have changed the future!


Joining is a snap:

Or, if you have your membership # handy, you can fill out on line at:


With deepest appreciation,

Ken Gergen     Ruthellen Josselson    Mark Freeman